Because even in the zombie apocalypse, love finds a way...


#wattpad #random ¿Estas aburrido de estar aburrido? ¿Kieres reír un poco? ¿Kieres leer esto? ¿Quieres tamales? ¿Estás leyendo esto como comercial?¿Tuve razón? Si es así, estas destinado a leer este libro. :v Los momos pa' tu cora, están bien shidos. Para hacerles un día zukulento y lloren momos...


Embarrassingly I have done this a few times. Being a mum and pregnant, I'm just glad I had the energy to put my makeup on in the first place!

me as a parent

And I've blocked you and have tried to hide but guess you and your so called "friends"are determined to act like dreams queens and keep creeping

This person who knows Kanye can say it better than they ever could.


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"I've been deaf my whole life. Today, a boy asked me to our school dance in sign language. Apparently he's been learning sign language just to talk to me. I broke down in tears."

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Apologies, Amanda. I hope I have fixed it. Please message me if there is more i can do. :(

Can you guess the Disney character by their eye? Good luck.


This advice: | 17 Tumblr Posts With Plot Twists That Will Fuck You Up


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