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Smart pour les chaussures!

tray + rocks = good place to put dirty, muddy, wet shoes when you get in the house. This will be in the mud room of my dream house one day. Yes, there will be a mudroom.

How to Make a 4 Strand Round Braid Paracord Bracelet with Buckles Tutorial - YouTube

to Make a 4 Strand Round Braid with Buckles Tutorial Hey Weavers, in this tutorial we'll learn how to make the 4 strand round braid paracord bracelet wit.

Sweet little bracelet, perfect for layering with other bracelets, healing sandalwood and calming white agate.

Beautiful bracelet, made with white agate and genuine aromatic sandalwood, perfect on its own or layered with other mala bracelets. Agate is a stone of relaxation balancing Yin and Yang energies.