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I made this for above my bed & I am thrilled with how it turned out! Really quick and easy to make too.

DIY Paper Wall Flowers by Stein Your Florist Co. I could do this with clay and fire individually, then do a really nice, detailed paint scheme and fire it in one piece

How Sweet it is: bbq spiced salmon with pineapple jalapeño salsa

Looking for the perfect weeknight meal? This BBQ Spiced Salmon with Pineapple Jalapeño Salsa blends the best part of barbecue with yummy seafood and just the right amount of summer.

Taste like Wendy's frosty

Just made this and it does NOT taste like a Wendy's Frosty! I threw it out. If I'm going to consume the calories I'll eat something healthier or get a small REAL Wendy's Frosty. EAT ME!,food/ recipes,Food/Recipes,get in