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We need more people like them…

It would be nice if people that made real contributions to society could be more well known than idiotic celebrities.

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US Slave: The Slave Who Launched the Vanilla Industry

Edmond Albius: How a Young Slave Launched the Vanilla Industry By Logan McCall During the middle of the nineteenth century, the man.

US Slave: Norwegian Slave Trade

A man climbs the famed Steps" made with bricks that were originally used as ballast on Danish ships on a hill overlooking Charlotte A.

Black History Heroes: The African Renaissance Monument in Dakar, Senegal

The African Renaissance Monument, Senegal, Africa. The African Renaissance Monument, also referred as Monument to the Afric.

Spiced Vegan Lentil Soup

This quite healthy lentil soup comes together quickly with pantry ingredients. Do You Like Mediterranean cooking? You're in 4 a Treat ☻☻ Mediterranean spices, fresh greens and a squeeze of lemon bring it to life!