Lucia, John Bauer design for a stamp

Image collections of Swedish artist John Bauer. Art and illustrations from Our Fathers' Godsaga, Swedish Fairy and Folk Tales, Lapp Folk, Swansuit, more.

Tyr and Fenrir

John Bauer - Nordic Myth and Fairytale Art and Illustration

Lena held up the Key

"Lena held up the key, a fine key made of pure gold." From The Golden Key, John Bauer illustrator

She kissed the bear on the nose

'She kissed the bear on the nose' From "Bella's Glorious Adventure" by Helena Nyblom John Bauer [Swedish painter and illustrator,

I Have the Crown

John Bauer : "Dag and Daga, and the Flying Troll of Sky Mountain" (Harold Östenson) The crown - Swedish Folk Tales

Alvida's window

John Bauer - The Magician’s Cape - “Alvida did not touch any of the fruit herself. She let it fall, piece by piece, and tired and thirsty travelers came along, picked up a pear or an apple, and blessed the gift.

Edmund Dulac, Dreamer of Dreams

Edmund Dulac, The Dreamer of Dreams. Illustration for The Dreamer of Dreams, by Marie, the Queen of Roumania.

Anne Andersen, The Seven Crows from Grimms Fairy Tales

Grimm's Fairy Tale: The Seven Crows -- Anne Anderson, illustrator. "The morning star gave her a bone to open the glass castle.