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An ex-rental in Auckland’s Beach Haven with a once-tired weatherboard exterior has been transformed into a modern bohemian dream In a nutshell Who lives here? Amanda Fitzsimmons (full-time mum and stylist/artist for Rococo and Rose), husband Tim (portfoli

FIALINS STIL .: A L T A N E N Segelduk * Pergola

The pergola is understated by nature, an empty frame to accent or support. It doesn't look like much on its own, but a garden without a pergola is like a r

No lawn front garden _need to do this

DIY garden path with random-shaped flagstones and ground cover plants as filler- my side yard maybe

Villa i Träslövsläge. #falurödfärg #anderssonkeller #bohusgranit #gatsten…

Villa i Träslövsläge. #falurödfärg #anderssonkeller #bohusgranit #gatsten…