Make a solar "lamp" to light the deck...

DIY Outdoor Solar Light Display : 2 fence posts + 4 solar outdoor lights + 8 extra long screws + an long scrap of treated x wood. great idea for the deck or patio! Would probably use nicer solar lights!

DIY outdoor solar light using mason jars.

Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights - Eco Friendly Mason Jar Outdoor Path Light- Single Stainless Steel Accent - UpCycled BootsNGus Lamp Design Yes.

why do i love mason jars so much?

Mason Jar Sconces - 40 Rustic Home Decor Ideas You Can Build Yourself. My new front porch light idea!

Outdoor Lighting Mason Jar Solar Lights

Outdoor Event Lighting Mason Jar Solar Lights Wedding Lights, Hanging Lanterns for Parties, Garden or Events 6 Silver Lights, no jars

Mason Jar Solar Lights

Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights - Eco Friendly Summer Nights Renewable Outdoor Energy - Lawn and Garden Lights - BootsNGus Design Collection

Pretty industrial lighting

Pretty industrial lighting - hey Kyle if you are going to get rid of yours when you redo your kitchen, can I call dibs?