chalk table. Use ikea side table, paint with chalk paint.

things to do with an ikea table - paint with chalkboard paint, cut hole, insert chalk bin, have fun. Would be a fun twist on a dinner table too. I loved coloring on the table at Garfield's

Recycled Milk Carton Bird Feeder Shaped Like An Owl!

Help the kids make their own Recycled Milk Carton Owl Bird Feeder. It will teach them about recycling while they help their feathered friends & enjoy crafts.

Vintage Novel Paper Mobile Star Strings

Choose Your Novel Vintage Novel/Map/Music Traditional Paper Mobile Star Strings - Nursery Home Decor


51 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Learn how to make DIY projects with toilet paper rolls. Toilet paper roll crafts are a fun way to spend time with your kids!

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