Celine Hjalmarsson

Celine Hjalmarsson

Celine Hjalmarsson
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Wow - aren't these stylized gingerbread trees just lovely! De här stiliserade pepparkaksgranarna är bara sååå snygga!

Gingerbread Trees - Tis the season to stop and smell the gingerbread. Adorn your holiday table with our easy-to-assemble gingerbread trees. Decorate them as you please using our quick icing recipe and pastel candies.

Fell so in love with this dream place.

If you have just moved into your first apartment. Congratulations, now you are really a grown-up. Many people often think of an apartment as temporary and don’t put it in much effort to decorate it. There are lots of ways to… Continue Reading →

Säng och rumsavdelare

Because your studio apartment have small space, doesn’t mean it has to feel like a tiny dorm room. But with a little space planning and the right decor, you can maximize every square inch of your place. Try to design and… Continue Reading →