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Finals survival guide HERE! #StudyTips #ChapmanU #study #college #finals

Finals Survival Guide: My Study Tips

My last day of classes is today. Where did the time go? Unfortunately though, that means finals are in full swing. I stayed in the student center studying until 2:30 last night (well, this morning). It's open all night during finals, which I am so thankful for because I am so much more productive outside my apartment. I'm going to live there for the next week because all four of my finals at least have a cumulative portion. All. Four. So naturally, I'm not being productive; I'm writing this…

Check out these super simple tips on how to be productive! #StudyTips #ChapmanU #college #study

Check out these super simple tips on how to be productive! #StudyTips #ChapmanU #college #study

How do student and teacher expectations line up? See here #ChapmanU #Study #College

How do student and teacher expectations line up? See here #ChapmanU #Study #College

Great infographic about studying! #Study #studytips #AcademicSuccess #ChapmanU

Great infographic about studying! #Study #studytips #AcademicSuccess #ChapmanU

16 simple but incredibly effective study tips #study #studytips #AcademicSuccess #ChapmanU

My Study Tips to Ace Your Exam!

I always believed in the saying, "Study hard, Party harder." With that said.. here's 17 Study Tips to help you ace your future exams, quizzes, tests and own this semester by starting off with a clean academic slate filled with major academic accomplishments. And of course, make sure that you get your studying done, and have plenty of downtime. Study Tip #1: GO TO CLASS Yes, even those mornings where it's pouring rain outside and the last thing you want to do is trudge to class. Well you my…

Be SMART about setting goals! #goals #AcademicSuccess #ChapmanU

Setting SMART goals

A great brand experience is the result of setting concrete goals that meet both user and business targets. That's why you need to set SMART goals.

Employ these simple tricks to improve your grammar significantly #grammar #study #studytips #ChapmanU

10 tips to improve your grammar (infographic)

We’re fans of infographics and share a lot of them on Ebook Friendly. This time, the image shown below is not…

Create an effective study strategy! Take a look at these useful tips! #study #studytips #college #collegelife #ChapmanU #AcademicSuccess

Infographic: Creating a Successful Online Study Environment

Creating successful study habits can be a challenge for any student, and can be even more difficult for the millions of students that take online classes. With the ability to create your own course schedule, the flexibility of online classes is becoming the ideal fit for more and more college students.

Ever wonder how to add variety to your essays? #AcademicSuccess #writing #writinghelp #ChapmanU

Ever wonder how to add variety to your essays? #AcademicSuccess #writing #writinghelp #ChapmanU

Don't forget the importance of taking organized and helpful notes in class! #ChapmanU #studytips

How to Take Notes in College (Infographic) - College Life

Taking notes in class? Writing with a pen or pencil has a different effect on your brain than typing on your laptop. Find out why & what's best.

8 useful tips for feeling more awake in the morning without caffeine.

8 Tips For Feeling Awake Without Caffeine

After reading Richard's article about latte art this morning, I started thinking about lattes. What exactly is a latte? I know I've never had a latte. I've always thought it was just a fancy cup of coffee. Now that I've looked into it further, I see that's not entirely true. Although a latte has coffee in it, like Richard's article explains, it's also got a lot of steamed milk incorporated into it. What about the caffeine content? According to Energy Fiend, a Starbucks Grande Caffe Latte has…