Nothing is as it seems. You are surrounded by the most exquisite love. All is temporal. All can be transformed in an instant. Ask for assistance and wait.. and then watch for circumstances to shift. Remember that miracles come in unexpected ways. Create. Ask. Again. Believe. Trust. Let Go. Repeat often ❤tami

The refection in this is beautiful and how the butterfly blends into the background. the black and white effect makes it so much more powerful as a picture. the detail on the wing is also so amazing!

Trädgårdsflow: Pink november & Christmassy steps

Amaryllislökar i glascylinder Trädgårdsflow: Pink november & Christmassy steps

Every year I do paperwhites at Christmas. Every year I try to come up with some crafty way of making them stand on their own. Why haven't I thought of this for paperwhites?

Plant amaryllis or paper white bulbs in a tall vase to help them stand up straight when they bloom. Beautiful at Christmas!

Black and gold

Love the gold finish table lamps with the jet black shades.but who needs three lamps.


Små granar pryder.... (Godastunder & Tokiga Ideèr)

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