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Sandra Ortíz

Sandra Ortíz
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It's Harry Potter's Birthday!  As many know, I'm a Harry Potter fanatic (need proof?  check out my robes and etsy shop  just for starters)...

Table Quidditch can be played as Quidditch Beer pong or as a fun game with kids on a points system. Easy to make and very fun for Harry Potter fans of all ages! Great for Harry Potter Birthday Parties, Showers, etc.

30 day spring cleaning challenge. Click for your downloadable PDF!

AP Said: "It's never too late to start Spring Cleaning. Don't know where to start? Check out POPSUGAR's Spring Cleaning Challenge Today!" Sounds good - but I'm not gonna do it for 30 days straight. it might take me 3 months for get my 30 days in.

Sound Resonance Experiment - calculating the speed of sound

In this cool sound resonance experiment, learn about frequency and pitch, and use a tuning fork to calculate sound velocity in air.

How to Build a DIY Fidget Cube With Lego You Already Own

How to Build a DIY Fidget Cube With Lego Bricks You Already Own ~ don't have all these pieces?-- would be easy to modify!

Flying Butterfly Surprise Card

Copy Paste Earn Money - Copy Paste Earn Money - Flying Butterfly Surprise Card - You’re copy pasting anyway.Get paid for it. - You’re copy pasting anyway.Get paid for it.

Customizable and Printable Periodic Table Worksheet

Customizable and printable fill-in-the-blank periodic table worksheet. Practice using the periodic table of elements or quiz students on element facts.