Monochrome grey and white kitchen inspired by Scandinavia || @pattonmelo

Top Stylish Color Trends Of 2016 - A Roundup

Casa ‘na’ in Japan, Studio Architect Shuji Hisada.

Casa 'na' / Studio Architect Shuji Hisada

Oh my my. Look at that itsy-bitsy glass top stove! Ay yi makes me want a TINY house so badly! They are so innovative and economical. My current home has much more space than I have furniture, decor, stuff (junk), which only encourages unchecked consumerism on my part (MUST. FILL. EVERY. INCH. OF. SPACE. OR. MY. WORLD. WILL. STOP. TURNING.) I NEED a tiny house. Less stuff = less stress = ROOM TO BREATHE.

A Small Apartment for Style-Seeking Travelers in Budapest

balham house addition - london - simon astridge - handrail - photo nicholas worley

Black handrail mounted to plywood stair railing for common area stair. Plywood House by Simon Astridge

Oak Wood Flooring - Oak Wood Flooring Texture

Oak Wood Flooring - Oak Wood Flooring You can use Oak Wood Flooring - Oak Wood Flooring to make awesome stuff.