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The connection of chest and face is perfect.

Browse the most popular beard care and grooming products. There are two kinds of men. Those with beards, and those with bigger beards. Grow a beard.

Wild Beard

Now in long hair as a hairstyle is to become a trend, but, how about men with long hair and beards? is the combination of a beard with long hair also to become trendy?

I came across this picture and it just mesmerized me.  What a beautiful face, beautiful photo

I came across this picture and it just mesmerized me. What a beautiful face, beautiful photo

you would grow old and look like this and I would still think you were oh-so-handsome and the only one for me.

yourstyle-men: Aiden Shaw for Uniforms for the Dedicated

Winter Viking Editorials - The Invert Menswear Ad Campaign Showcases Fiercely Frozen Styles (GALLERY)

beardsareepic: “ Beard & tattoo ” And because the OP isn’t nice enough to give some credit: the name of the gentleman is Miles Better and the photographer (for some of the pictures) is Brock Elbank

God I want a beard like that someday. And I wish I could get tats on my hands and forearms :/

shauntaylor: “ Be a Man—Wear Jewelry Philip Crangi, Jewelry Designer “People tend to think of jewelry for men in extremes, and it doesn’t function well at extremes. It’s not about chunky silver or NBA.

It's apparently super dangerous for me to look up beards + tattoos on pinterest. I think I just turned this site into a dirty mag for myself.

Let's cover in this thread the hipster beard. As some of you will know, the hipster beard is a relatively new beard style; it is actually complemented with side swept hair or similar and the beard is

Tattoos, Beards and Freckles – 38 portraits de Mr Elbank |

photography hair style hipster old stars tattoos hand inked tattoo shark man retro waves ocean ink tattooed guy badass gray beard macho stache

So mysterious... I think, until I met my husband, I may have envisioned myself with someone like this ...

Menswear & Knits / Men that love animals. Men that open doors for women. Men that drink coffee or tea. Men that smell nice. Men in sweaters. Men in glasses. Men that spend their time outdoors. Men with beautiful tattoos (or none at all). Men that write.

Never liked religious garments but something too powerful about this man not to share

The Jesus tee goes well with the cross tattoo. Italian model Andrea Marcaccini by David Benoliel (Miami, USA).