10 Best Kids' Rooms

Mint green is a wonderful color choice for baby nurseries and kids' rooms because it will brighten your space and compliment seasonal decor year round.

simple crib mobile with greenery

This blush nursery Jayme Anne Photography designed for her second babe Imogen gives off the sweetest, peaceful vibes. Jayme kept the decor minimal but handmade lots of the details herself, making each

Wallpaper in kids' rooms: 12 amazing nurseries and kids' spaces killing the wallpaper game!

[Petit amour] Wallpaper in Kids' Rooms: 12 Amazing Examples

Interior Berdoom Dark Wallpaper Girls Painting On The Wallpaper Bed Cover Design Any Pillow Cover Design White Ceramics Flooring Pink Wood Round Chair Bar Bedroom Wallpaper to Personalize Your Relaxing Space

PEEK details. #zoerumeau Pic: @teoyolivia

Palabra Zoé Rumeau KidsZone Azul

ByAlex: The Most Beautiful Playmats for Your Playroom

Have you spotted the playmat trend yet? Perfectly suited for minimalism and functionality fans, but also for bohemian lovers, playmats are here to stay. Our favourite aspect is their incredible versatility: you can put them in pretty much any room of the

7 of the Most Creative and Colorful Kid Room Ideas. A great kid’s space reflects that carefree attitude and cheerful disposition that kids radiate, and there is no better way to do that than with color and pattern. Think of creating a great playroom like your opportunity to toss the rules aside and color outside the lines. Here are 7 of the most creative and colorful kid room ideas right now.

7 of the Most Creative and Colorful Kid Room Ideas Ever

Consider creating a playroom your chance to be as carefree as a kid and color outside the lines. Here are 7 of the most colorful kid room ideas to inspire

retro modern kids room desk ideas / what I would give for a little 'homework room' in my house!

Desk Ideas for Kids Rooms

Looking for that perfect desk for you kids room? We've collected over 20 creative desk ideas for kids rooms to inspire you.