Cozy nook under the stairs - love this! Or maybe create something similar in the family room?

This is a perfect combo of my two favorite ideas for that space under the stairs leading to the basement. A reading nook AND book storage and shelves . assuming that there is enough space for this there.

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reading nook...exactly what the next project in the house will be!

A fantastic sleeping / reading nook. Interesting idea for a guest bed along with a reading nook

Sometimes the best activity on a rainy day is snuggling up with a blanket and reading a good book. Build your own reading nook with this tutorial, and you’ll be able to watch the rain from the warmth of your homemade

How to Build Your Own Reading Nook

This built-in windowseat/bookshelf can be an attractive addition to your home.

Sweet window nook. IF you are lucky enough to have a full window in your basement this type of treatment really dresses it up. Even if you only have those little short windows, like me, you can still do something like this and just be creative with the framing and stuff around the window. In fact, that gives me an idea....

window seat flanked by bookshelves, windowseat was built-in, so pretty and cozy & great use of space

So many bookshelves, so little time to make them purdy.

Tips for Arranging, Organizing, and Decorating Bookshelves

Tips for Arranging & Organizing Bookshelves Doorway Savvy Built-in bookshelves surrounding a doorway can be tricky; start by filling the top row with books. Alternate the remaining nooks with creatively stacked books and accessories.