Claes Samré
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Sheath for buck knife 110

Custom leather Right Cross draw pocket knife sheath far a buck 110 are 112 in Collectibles, Knives, Swords & Blades, Accessories

Bushcraft Sheath - Cool Nature fire starter and all

Martin Swinkels, sheath - Andrew Jordan, knife (Commander) - Bushcraft Sheath design with buckles and Sam Brown studs and features a removable Kydex insert. I love the features and design of this, looks and practicality


Anorak by Swedish clothing brand Fjallraven is a technical and premium-quality anorak for demanding treks, capable of withstanding tough conditions in the forest and mountains throughout the year. Made from Eco and HD, the advanced

baldric for knives and axes

I have been playing around with an idea for making a baldric to carry my larger tools such as the and my axes and hatchets.