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Learn archery, or as I call it; the art of killing zombies silently from a distance.

Archer, by Ken Barthelmey. [Can't quite decide if Serena would pick up a compound bow. Could be cool, even if she is mostly used to traditional archery]

respect is a must. I really hate it when people think that just because I am a hunter, I hate and want to kill animals. That is not true. It is what we do, but that's not at all the feelings we have.

Respect is a must. Respect for the animal. Respect for nature. Respect for your weapon. Respect for God. Hunters don't hunt because they hate animals. Hunting is much more than the harvest.

Hunting pack. I would use this in a zombie apocalypse.----Awesome comment;)

Bow lines up perfectly with top of bag making sure to limit possible snags of tree limbs when maneuvering in the bush. Accessory pouches and space is great for multi-day trips.

How to Make a Bow and Arrow By Hand

After a compound bow failed him on a turkey hunt more than a decade ago, Michael Spink of Spink Wooden Bows in Pocahontas, Arkansas, started making his own wooden bows by hand. He walked us through the process of crafting a Native American longbow.

cool looking bow

The "Bow Flex" Compound Bow; STS Raptor, Rubber power bands, shoots Arrows and Steel Shots. Cool concept but still lacking for serious bowmen.

bow and arrow | Tumblr

(His bow and arrows)Reminds me of lotr :) I love the quiver! And the bow! And- you know what, I just love it.