copper sink

Photo Gallery of Lynette Sonne's Kitchen

Hammered Copper sink & bronze faucet in the farmhouse kitchen! ♥ Nice deep bowls and copper is very forgiving if you drop a plate while washing dishes or cooking.

i'd nap there

A Doo Nanny Cabin

room of windows. I want one. maybe a "garden" house/room. or guest room.


Lovely view from the bed. Imagining watching sunrise all morning with a cup of hot cocoa in bed.

CONTEMPORIST » Casa Mirindaba by Marcio Kogan

dining room, north wall, Enormous Window Seat with storage underneath and beautiful views! bifold windows to seat level.

Desert living

You know, for when we retire in Palm Springs ;) Palm Springs where the Sun bathes your body, everyone is beautiful and the stars kiss your soul. Rob Grace Beautifull plants of desert