Claudia Eichelkraut

Claudia Eichelkraut

Claudia Eichelkraut
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Critter pool ramp

first of all, is this man fucking snow white or something because how the fuck did all of those creatures in such a wide variety even get in the pool in the first place, second this is a genius idea i love it sm

Major Clutter Buster: A Clever Way to Conceal So Much Ugly Stuff

Litter boxes aren't typically design elements in home decor. This smart and stylish solution, however, hides the box in plain sight — and looks great, too! Gather a basic side table, some twisted j (Diy Apartment Table)

Your cat will love this IKEA hack.

Happy Cat Hack: Attach basket to a wall, toss in snugly blanket or comfy pillow & you'll have a happy cat.