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How to make a scratch off card like a lottery ticket--This would be a very fun reward for good behavior!

How to make a scratch off lottery ticket?

You probably know the scratch off lottery tickets? Ever wondered how to make them? Well, they are very fun & easy to make. I used to make gr...

Magical monster slime - easy "gift" to students instead of more candy.

halloween fun: magical monster slime

There are a variety of recipes floating around Pinterest for Slime or Gak. My boys loved the stuff when they were younger. They probably sti...

Positive Reinforcement (be good, get your name in the bowl) and a monthly drawing.

"Caught Ya"- Positive Reinforcement

Being a guest blogger has to be one of my favorite things to do...I really enjoy sharing my blog with others and I have found so many great blogs this way as well. Even though I love being a guest blogger I tend to get a little anxious...I mean who doesn't get a little nervous posting something out there for people to see? On my own blog I am nervous enough...but when it's someone else's it has to be perfect! So here is to hoping my little post is perfect ;) Today I want to share one of the…

21 creative consequences for disobedient children...FANTASTIC ideas. When you have a strong-willed child these are the tips you crave!

21 Creative Consequences - iMom

Author and mom, Lisa Whelchel, shares some of the creative consequences she’s come up with to help her with disciplining her children.

Think Sheet - Choices and consequences

Think Sheet - Classroom Management

Hold your students accountable for their choices! This 'Think Sheet' allows your students to reflect on their behavior and come up with alternative choices. Space provided for a parent signature to keep parents in the loop about their child's behavior! Great to keep on file - refer back to these ...

TooLoud! app - hook up to smart board for visual for students so they can manage their noise levels themselves

Teachers Have Sensory Needs Too

Being an Avoider does not stop at childhood. These sensory processing patterns tend to stay with us throughout life. Hopefully the more ...

---Mystery Person- draw a student's name and keep it a secret from the class. The child will get a reward if they were good. The kids don't know, so all students have to be good in case it's them.

Growing Kinders

I would love to hear from any of you that tried my “Mystery Person” idea! Did it work? Were your kiddos excited about it? Nothing like a little bribery to keep them behaving right? Helps us keep our sanity in these cold winter months! Here is the picture as promised of my mystery person can: This is my lucky duck can: I secretly pick a name (or 2) from the lucky duck can and put in in the mystery person can. They love that I am being sooo sneaky And the power pellets jar! I think I bought…

Freebie from TPT!  Golden Tickets....hide these in rarely-read library or classroom books to offer a surprise to the reader!  Fun motivational tool.

Golden Ticket: Hide in Seldom-Read Library or Classroom Books FUN!

This is a fun way to reward kids for checking out library or classroom books that rarely see any action. Sure, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and every Marvel Superhero graphic novel never gets dusty on the shelf, but there are dozens of other amazing books that never get read! Reward the students that "thi...

I would use this for students who finish quickly and miss a lot of problems - love this idea! Parents would know if their child was rushing through.

Solidifying Tempos

One of the fun activities we did at the Mystery Music Camp was relay races with a speedometer beautifully put together by Layton Music. I had the kids line up in 2 groups and then showed the first one in each group the speedometer set to one of the tempos. Then they had to race to one end, touch an object and be the first to return to their team. I thought "Presto" would be the favorite, but "Largo" and "Allegro" seemed to be the biggest hits! The kids LOVED this activity and it really…

I rarely provide specific rewards to students but sometimes I like to surprise them with a little something to celebrate their hard work or good ch...

Reward Coupons for Positive Classroom Management

Celebrate and recognize great student behavior with these handy reward coupons! Students choose from nine special privileges such as bringing a stuffed animal to school or wearing a hat for the day. An inexpensive alternative to the treasure box! Who is This For? Teachers looking for free classr...

Student Friendly Behavior Notice for Classroom Management....could list the social contract and attach instead of writing noted

Student Friendly Behavior Notice for Classroom Management

This file includes SIX versions of a kid-friendly behavior notice. The first version correlates with the color change system (green, yellow, red, and blue) with consequences included. This version uses the language respectful, responsible, and cooperative choices. The second version correlates with...