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Inspiration: coryloftis: WILDSTAR is only a week away!

1781239.jpg 447 × 600 pixlar

Pixiv Id Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts, Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Whistling

Native American Indian symbols and their meanings.

I would love to learn more about Petroglyphs and their origins. I would eventually like to categorizes these into their own Culture Region.

Japanese Art Symbols and Meanings | mandala designs and meanings chinese new year celebration 2012 ...

Celebrating Chinese New Year. We are going to have the kids paint Chinese characters.

Icelandic occult symbols. And Bjork's vegvisir tattoo!

BIND RUNES: We see a lot of confusion with Post-Viking age symbology, in…


Love the pallate and the painterly feel in this

african symbols and meanings

african symbols and meanings good to know when people request these for henna tattoos. The snake one would be a good arm band

idée de construction de batiment

Some conceptual ideas for Wildemoore Manor, home of the wizard, Ansanom, and his apprentice, Serena.

INFJ- I'm Galadriel!

Which Lord of the Rings Personality Type Are You?based on the Meyers Briggs Personality test- I'm Galadriel :) INFJ

Recently stumbled across the star wars version of the MBTI test which is pretty cool.  I'm Lea!

Star Wars Myers Briggs Personality Types: I'm an INFP, which is represented by Luke Skywalker.