Conny Lundgren

Conny Lundgren

Conny Lundgren
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Mobile Boarding Pass

For an idea as romantic as flying the world, visiting the unknown, traveling the globe and mingling with strangers, we seem to hold in our hands the most boring | The David Alan Harvey Messenger Camera Bag.

Filson have teamed up with Magnum Photography for this stylish collection of photography bags. Using Filson´s renowned craftsmanship for developing their rugged luggage together with Magnum photographers´s experience on the field, they have created a

Package Inspiration - Keane Brewing

I find this packaging interesting because when it comes to package design, consistency through all the different elements is essential.

Ahoy Brewery #packaging by Rasmus Erixon -

Packaging of the World is a package design inspiration archive showcasing the best, most interesting and creative work worldwide.

MetroLite App by Alex S. Lakas , via Behance

Create an app version for the rose gardens, so that people can get more info about the roses, might be more cost efficient than printing out lots of leaflets. MetroLite App by Alex S.