Jonas Carlsson

Jonas Carlsson

’Jag’. Det konceptet håller jag fortfarande på att lära mig. Vem jag är? Jag har börjar studera mig själv bara de senaste åren. Se vad jag gillar, vad jag ä
Jonas Carlsson
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Derelict Station CYOA

Alright this is a pretty cool one, if a bit basic on details of what to pick, so i went with 1 from each if not specified. Engineer degree Survivalist armour (w CYOA

Jumper - 01 by on @DeviantArt

Concept of futuristic energy gun for fictional sci-fi scenario. Design is done in unusual way and in very minimalist style. Gun is simple with no extra parts all over surface.

Geind EL-528 Shettier by on @deviantART join us

This eve we have another TKP weapon, this time a lever action carbine. The Gavil Model 3861 being the year and N designating the Nasik calender because there are several in use in SOL with t.

And one more Geind revolver, electro cap ignition style, for the evening. The Geind is very much of the same period the [link] was produ.

The Agent by SalvadorTrakal on DeviantArt

Once a colonel in the Republic military, but was left for dead when the Pedroxan government turned on the Republic, eliminated and pushed out all Republic presence of Pedrox. Found refuge on Nimol.

REI, 羅 光佑 on ArtStation at

adapted costume ayanami rei bangs barefoot bodysuit dated english fingerless gloves from side full body gloves hair ornament highres holding lcl logo looking to the side luo guan gyou neon genesis evangelion nerv number parted lips pilot suit plugsui