Yummy ~ Braided Nutella Bread ~ Enjoy!

Yummy Recipes: Braided Nutella Bread recipe (except I'd make it taste like a cinnamon roll.not a huge fan of nutella)

DIY: Birthday Party Cake Frosting Technique....how cute and easy!

Polka Dot Inside-And-Out Birthday Cake

Polka dot Party Cake Frosting Technique - Using A Handmade Paper Stencil To Decorate Your Next Cake

Edible glitter / dust used with chocolate to make beautiful edible gems (for topping cakes, etc) - via P.S. I Made This

Make edible chocolate bling. For the edible glitter,preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine cup of sugar and a teaspoon of liquid food coloring. Put foil in the baking pan and spread the sugar around. Bake for 10 minutes and allow to cool.

Chocolate cake http://www.revmarketing.co.uk/

Cake Decorating: History, Overview and Techniques

I made this ‘death by chocolate’ truffle covered cake in April of 2013 for my daughter’s birthday. I’m a bit late posting it. I have all the recipes for the components .

Win hearts and blow minds by hiding candy in an awesome secret piñata cake. | 35 Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas

Here's what you'll need to make a PINATA PARTY CAKE: two boxes of cake mix, two containers of frosting, an assortment of small candies, a quart oven-safe bowl (greased and floured) and an offset spatula. Click image for complete recipe.

5 ways to use decorating tools you already have

5 New Ways to Use Decorating Tools You Already Have

These new techniques give some of our most used decorating tools even more use. Check out these these DIY cake decorating hacks for fresh inspiration!

Graduation decorations with peanut butter cups! Yes. These look fun and tasty.

Graduation decorations with peanut butter cups! (+ plain choc bar, m&m's and blue/green sour worms/licorice)