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Another examples of interactive design within a magazine. Things like this are good to get across a message and draw the reader in. It makes the magazine stand out as well.


Since 1869 free from colorings and preservatives. Heinz Tomato Ketchup Ad C.

♥ Inspirational Advertising Ideas...some of these will be cool for media studies

Inspirational - as you can see from this Coop knonsum ad it shows pair of lungs using vegetables, and tells us that you that this company has on all vegetables, this implies eating vegetables will make you healthier than someone who doesn't.

Awesome escalator ad for National Geographic

Awesome escalator ad for National Geographic

The idea is funny but someone could get hurt. So maybe a less scary idea. NatGeo - Mundo Selvagem by Miagui Imagevertising, via Behance

Don´t forget - Colgate. We love this! #dental #oralhealth #guerilla

Don´t forget - Colgate. Plus: they found a way to only target people who really shouldn't forget to brush their teeth

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Air pollution - contrast with forest Could hold a forest with hand? Amazing and very creative advertising artworks by Patrick Ackmann from Frankfurt, Germany.


Nice advert by the Vermont Department of Health, warning pregnant women about the effects that smoking can have on their babies and encouraging them to quit. Really hate selfish women who continue to smoke and drink, or worse, during pregnancy.

Via Switzerland. Some times, all you need is text to tell a story that sells. Clever campaign for a Swiss life insurance company, especially considering how deadly dull their industry's ads usually are. The other ads in the campaign rival this in making you think.

10 Brilliant Ads That Are All Just Words

Heineken: Concert #print #ad #heineken

The Print Ad titled Concert was done by JWT Milan advertising agency for product: Heineken Jammin Festival (brand: Heineken) in Italy.


Sugar free Chupa Chups Great ad- completely solved it with a visual and a tagline. It's so simple but really clever. This is the type of thing that I'd like to make. There's a ton of other great ads in this article, definitely worth checking out.

Lego: Dino | Ads of the World

Funny pictures about A kid's imagination. Oh, and cool pics about A kid's imagination. Also, A kid's imagination photos.

Great ad campaign...

Beneath the Surface (Ad Campaign for Mint Vinetu Bookstore by Love Agency). More fun than the traditional Read posters.