Unique Branding Design, T #Branding #Design (http://www.pinterest.com/aldenchong/)

Let's have a cup of T to start our week by Tim Rotermund identity, packaging, branding PD {color palette, pictograms, type}

Noa Relaxation by Super Tuesday

Amazing photography style Photography ideas: staging your comic with related props. For example, these bottles are staged with the fruit that is in their ingredients.

JL #Fruit #Packaging designed by Prompt Design​ - http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2015/04/jl-fruit-packaging-design.html

JL Fruit Packaging Design

Lovely design and typeface combination. Careful kerning in the fruit names and use of contrast and harmony in the use of script, transitional caps and lowercase San serif for the descriptions.


savonniere - Not sure what this is, soap? Will take the time to look up as beautifully packaged vintagey styled graphics in modern colour ways.

Flower packaging (School project) by Linnea Åkerberg. Source: Daily Package Design Inspiration. Pin curated by #SFields99 #packaging #design #structural

Flower packaging

Cheese and Crackers

Favors: Cheese and Crackers Late at night, little is more satisfying than this customized snack pack of cheddar (which can go unrefrigerated for hours) and crispy wheat crackers

Rice of the World / Rice with different spice

Rice of the World on Behance by Michelle Nilsson curated by Packaging Diva PD. A clean and nice look for a little nicer rice as a gift. With different spices.