Use a staple remover to open keyrings and save your nails

Use a Staple Remover to Save Your Fingernails When Trying to Add Things to Your Key Ring life hacks how to make your life easier Tips Life Hacks Easy DIY Do It Yourself Uses Hack Reuse Renew Easier How to Design

Phone charging pocket.

Use your old jeans pocket for a cell phone charging holder!just use a phone case that has a strap.

Safe beach storage for a mobile phone

Top 68 Lifehacks and Clever Ideas that Will Make Your Life Easier - DIY Beach Safe - Keep your keys, wallet, and stuff safe at the beach by putting them in an old sunscreen bottle.

Use a can opener on that difficult plastic packaging

Use a can opener to open sealed plastic packaging. Use a can opener to open sealed plastic packaging.

You've Been Prayed For - 10 Premium Note Cards | DaySpring

<ul> notes and 10 envelopes</li> <li>Note card features embossing</li> <li>Printed on premium paper</li> <li>Folded card size:&nbsp;