Star Wars Crafts

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DIY Luke and Vader Lightswitch

DIY Luke and Vader Lightswitch | Make:

This simple DIY light switch cover by Mmm Crafts literally made me laugh out loud. What a hilarious way to go from the DARK SIDE to light and to make sure the force is always with your home decor.

Wicket the Ewok Crochet Patter from Angry Angel on craftster #StarWars

Wicket the Ewok Crochet Pattern | Make:

Angry Angel on has a crochet pattern up to make this cute amigurumi version of Wicket the Ewok from Star Wars. Link.

Star Wars Crochet and Knitting Charts from Leah Fenton #StarWars

Star Wars Crochet and Knitting Charts | Make:

Bonnie points us to these fab Star Wars crochet and knitting charts by Leah Fenton. You'll find charts of everything from the Death Star to your favorite

Amazing Crochet Salacious Crumb from Allison of Crafty is Cool #StarWars

Amazing Crochet Salacious Crumb | Make:

Star Wars fans will have no trouble recognizing this character crocheted by Alison of Crafty is Cool. Salacious Crumb was Jabba the Hutt's ... sidekick?

Death Star Watermelon from Flickr user Silverisdead #StarWars

Death Star Watermelon | Make:

I imagine the only thing that could make this Death Star watermelon any cooler would be if its sculptor, Flickr user Silverisdead, was able to replicate

Homemade Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon

Dark Lord of the Sky: Homemade Darth Vader balloon | Make:

This a rad, a Belgian Star Wards fan, Benoît Lambert got permission (and made) a Darth Vader hot air balloon! Lucasfilm gave its approval for Lambert to

Star Wars AT-AT Baby Stroller

Star Wars AT-AT Baby Stroller | Make:

This dad modded his baby's stroller into an AT-AT Imperial Walker from Star Wars. Link.

Wow. The entire Star Wars saga, cross-stitched by hand!

The Entire Star Wars Saga Cross-Stitched By Hand | Make:

You might've seen all the movies, read all the books, and even played all the video games, but now behold "The Coruscant Tapestry," a 30-foot long tapestry cross-stitched by artist Aled Lewis, which depicts the entire Star Wars Saga.

Amazing homemade costume: mini Hoth Luke and Tauntaun

Mini Hoth Luke and Tauntaun | Make:

Intrepid papa spent three months crafting this awesome Hoth Luke costume, complete with homemade Tauntaun, for his four-year-old daughter.

How-To: Jawa Doll With LED Eyes from Bitter Betty Blogs #StarWars

How-To: Jawa Doll With LED Eyes | Make:

I love this awesome Jawa doll with LED eyes from Bitter Betty Blogs. She's created a pattern for download and personal use.

How-To: R2-D2 Toms Makeover

How-To: R2-D2 TOMS Makeover | Make:

Give a plain pair of TOMS—or any pair of canvas slip on shoes—a seriously geeky makeover with this R2-D2 TOMS tutorial!

Millennium Falcon Cat Bed by urka on Craftster #StarWars

Millennium Falcon Cat Bed | Make:

This kittty named Chewbacca looks cozy as ever on his Milennium Falcon cat bed by urka on Craftster. Link.

It's a trap! A mousetrap.

It's a Trap! A Mousetrap. | Make:

Over on The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the Twenty-First Century, you'll find this awesome mousetrap with a painted portrait of Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars, with the apt blog title "Admiral Obvious." His oft-quoted line is implied here: "It's a trap!"

Gingerbread Star Wars Tie Fighter from Flickr user firqoret #StarWars

Gingerbread Star Wars Tie Fighter | Make:

Mmmmm! Gingerbread and Star Wars for the holidays!! Check out this gingerbread tie fighter that was made by flickr member firqoret. Don't miss all the

How-To: Han Solo in Carbonite Chocolate Bar from Instructables user FreakCitySF #StarWars

Han Solo in Chocolate Carbonite | Make:

How have I not seen this before? Ok, the next chocolate bar I want is this one. Watch out, Han Solo. Via Instructables

Star Wars Garbage Masher Cake from Jill of Kitchen Fun With My Three sons #StarWars

Star Wars Garbage Masher Cake | Make:

This rad Star Wars garbage masher cake from Jill of Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons makes me want to yell, "3PO! 3PO! 3PO!" I especially love the red