use fabric on the light table

what questions/ideas come to children when they use fabric on the light table

Fun and interactive calming space.

(Multi sensory room, After research various installation artists, and playgrounds from around the world I want to include this idea of my artwork include lights in a play environment for sensory play.

Natural play materials for the light table ≈≈

LET THE BRIGHT LIGHT SHINE. A light table with an array of natural materials lets the children explore the shapes and light passing properties of the materials in detail.

Aula d'1any.Llar d'infants "El Barrufet".Campdevànol.

If you prefer a wide variety of trees, both species and sizes, visit a specialty lot. There are numerous unique types of Christmas trees to pick from, each having a distinct style and texture

In dialogue with light at Pacific Palisades Preschool in Santa Monica, CA

Journey into space: describe all of the objects you see there, what you wonder, what you would miss from earth.