Xkeken Cenote, Mexico Photograph by John Stanmeyer, National Geographic This Month in Photo of the Day: National Geographic Magazine Features The Maya believed natural wells, such as the Xkeken cenote in Mexico’s Yucatán, led to the underworld.

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Oceanic Whitetip Shark, Bahamas Photograph by Brian Skerry, National Geographic. An oceanic whitetip shark and diver in the Bahamas.


The pretty lighthouse was built by the Dutch in 1882 in Lengkuas Island, Belitung, Indonesia. The old tower offers a look around the island.

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Water Resort, Dubai Photograph by Thomas P. Peschak, National Geographic A huge water-themed resort rises on Dubai's coast.

manny the manatee

A manatee swims in a freshwater spring in Crystal River, Florida. Manatees struggle for survival as the result of a gantlet of threats. The most serious threat, however, is the loss of warm water due to habitat loss.

i like turtles

In pictures: The world's best underwater photographs 2010 'Underwater Sadness' - A sea turtle caught in a net in Sea of Cortez, Mexico

double rainbow

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surfing on air

surfer arena Photograph by Justin Mitchell, My Shot Indonesian surfer kickout