The Neighborhood of Make Believe by  #Bedroom

great idea for a kid's space. even if you don't have kids it's a great space to create for neices, nephews, grandkids or friend's kids. well worth the effort and will always make the little children in your life feel welcome in your home.

Pinjacolada: Little house found a home

Kids love their own little nook. This looks like an easy and inexpensive idea for thwir bedroom or playroom. Adorable space for reading. Paint it for them in their favourite theme and give them lots of cozy blankets ❤

tent with lights

11 Creative Reading Nooks for Kids - some really cute ideas. I love the idea of having a reading/prayer nook somewhere in the house.for kids and adults alike

yep done. i will have these for baby's special cozy room

Bookshelves for Children's Reading Nook

bookshelves for children s reading nook, storage ideas, Here is the finished product I used drywall anchors and screws to attach it to the wall

teeny door

Playhouse in basement. Contemporary Basement Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas

you get right outa town. so fun

Japanese firm SAKO Architects have really outdone themselves with this amazing Children’s bookstore located in Beijing, China. The Bookstore is dedicated for kids as it has books created to t.

tiny reading tree

Fairy Bedroom Decor, Fairy tales enchant us into places out of this world. Wouldn’t it be magical to capture some of the fairy magic into bedroom decor? Fairy bedroom decor is not exclusive to youn