Strawberry Kit Kat Cake

Yummy Recipes: Strawberry Kit Kat Cake recipe The chocolate frosting was perfect. It wasn't too sweet so it went well with the strawberries and you could eat a lot of it without feeling sick.

Göra sånna av mintkyssmet? Med choklad ist för strössel i mitten!

What do you think of these white chocolate snowflakes in pure white on an off-white cake? // White chocolate snowflakes~ these would look pretty on a chocolate cake~

Star window cookies, made by crushing hard candies and placing in the middle of the stars when you bake. They will melt down and look like glass. A silpat would help with these but I think you could bake them on normal wax paper and not have sticking issues.

Star Window Cookies I haven't seen this in years. Star window cookies, made by crushing hard candies and placing them in the middle of the stars before baking. They candies melt into sweet "glass".

my almost 3 year old wants a princess party....this would be great for it! :-)

Wonderful DIY Amazing Wedding Dress Cupcake

Peppermint White Chocolate Mousse

foodgourmande: “ Candy Cane White Chocolate Mousse by raspberri cupcakes. “ This dessert is a fantastic one that is not too heavy (perfect as a refreshing dessert after a big Christmas lunch), and can.

Saffransknutar med vit choklad

This is a Swedish tradition and it's called "lussekatt". It's a diffrent way to make them but yummy anyway