I have always said this affirmation and always will..✨

I'm so happy and grateful now that … I am living in an abundance of great health, increasing wealth and thriving relationships … life is good! June 2014 Affirmation of the Month Proctor Gallagher Institute

It is all when the time is right. I know I will receive everything that I deserve. There is no point in worrying when the Universe is on my side. :)

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a great affirmation to say on a daily basis.

on balance

I am in perfect balance. I am physically and emotionally connected and healed. I am free of worry and I am at peace with who I am. Every day so grow stronger and more relaxed. I love myself and my life.

I AM ready to prosper beyond my wildest dreams. It's time!

Vibrational Manifestation - I AM ready to prosper beyond my wildest dreams. Its time! More - My long term illness is finally going away, and I think I might have found the love of my life.

YES‼ I Lenda VL AM the April 2017 Lotto Jackpot Winner‼000 4 3 13 7 11:11 22Universe Please Help Me, THANK YOU I AM GRATEFUL‼

First, take care of your bad vibes, like not forgiving people and then dream your life into being, with positive focus, expecting the result you desire.