You did it,admit it!

If you' never jumped from one couch to the other to avoid the lava you' never had a childhood. OR I NEVER HAD 2 COUCHES. childhood If you' never jumped from one couch to the other avoid lava had a OR I NEVER HAD 2 COUCHES

Bang! Gun Dress Costume

Gun Dress Costume*inspiration* Not sure if Id you could tell what it was without extending your arm though. Arm extensions for 5 hours at a party? the idea though!

A Vespa scooter with VW campervan sidecar! I've always wanted to ride in a sidecar, and LOVE VW buses!

"Breaking Bad" Valentine’s Day Cards from Beth (Butthorn) I made Breaking Bad valentines because I couldn’t find any that expressed m.

Social Media explained with donuts. Makes me smile every time. As social Yoda would say, Do, or donut, there is no try!

The Knit Turkey Hat by Fred Flare makes it look like you have a roasted turkey comfortably resting on your head. It might be just the thing to wear to your Thanksgiving shindig. It will available to order soon at Fred Flare.