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Aros Castle, also known as Dounarwyse Castle, is a ruined castle near Salenn on the Isle of Mull, Scotland. The castle overlooks the Sound of Mull. The castle was a stronghold of the Clan MacDougall, Clan Donald and Clan Maclean during its occupation.

Rocks of the Rhinns complex at Claddach Bay on the southernmost tip of the Rinns

Clan Macdonald

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Dunaverty Castle is located at Southend at the southern end of the Kintyre peninsula in western Scotland. The site was once a fort belonging to the Clan Donald (MacDonald).

Kildonan Castle stands in the small village of Kildonan on the southern coast of the Isle of Arran in Scotland. The castle's name is derived from the name of a former resident, Saint Donan, who is said to be buried on the island.

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