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Flower construction #16 (w:70 h:120 d:6.5 cm)

A wall's worth of wildflowers (no fewer than 40!), pressed by a local artist, enlivens this entryway. Beneath, a salvaged church pew hosts pillows sewn from turn-of-the-century grain sacks. #decorating #artideas

Anne Ten Donkelaar creates flower constructions with pressed flowers and paper cutouts.

kittyblackwellshouse: vintage botanical works

Faire sécher des fleurs pour en faire des Fées! Des patrons gratuits

Amazing Pressed Flower Artwork by Tauna Lee600 x 571 | 367.7KB | pressedflowerartwork.com

A Modern Way to Display Pressed Botanicals. Start by gathering some dried flowers or leaves. Next gather 2 clear panes of glass and clean them well. Arrange your plant material as you would display it and dab a wee bit of white glue to keep the pieces in place. Add second glass pane to the back of the first, sandwiching in the plants, and use friction tape or binder clips to secure it.

HOW TO: PRESS BOTANICALS - a pair a spare

DIY Pressed Rose Petal Tray by sayyestohoboken #DIY #Pressed_Flowers_Tray