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Daniel Karlsson Art

Daniel Karlsson Art
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"Via Testudo" Digital, corel painter, 2014.

"Via Testudo" Digital, corel painter,

"Riverside" Digital, corel painter, 2014.

Digital, Corel Painter, Made this piece for my dad.

"Mother" Digital, Corel Painter, 2014.

Digital, corel painter, A portrait of my late mother, used a photo of her taken on her weddingday.

Selfportrait 1980 Acrylic on panel, 2014.

Selfportrait 1980 Acrylic on panel,

"Gargalesis" Digital painting, 2013.

"Gargalesis" Digital painting, 2013.

Donald Duck Tattoo Based of my painting "The babysitter"

If you want to make Cartoon Duck Tattoo yourself and you are looking for the suitable design or just interested in tattoo, then this site is for you.