Daniella Lundgren

Daniella Lundgren

Daniella Lundgren
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When I was little I created this game called roadkill because I was a terrible child and in this game my friends and I would take like those little toy car things ( you know the red ones that you kind of walk around ) and we put them at the top of the

R a n i a

are you a parking ticket? because you've got FINE written all over you.

En fräsch och hälsosam rätt på lax med tabbouleh och valnötscrème. Bulgur blandas med bland annat färsk persilja, lök och tomater och förvandlas till en smakrik sallad. Till den matiga salladen serveras lax och en syrlig valnötscrème med crunch.

Diabetes Recipe: Shrimp Fajitas Serve this dish with jicama sticks and fresh guacamole.