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Bildresultat för forest fairytale photography flash

Model: Turið Elinborgardóttir MUA/Hair: Rannveig Gregersen Hansen Flower Crown: Tóra Hansen - Akkuleya Dress: OneofOne by Maibritt Kokholm Photographer: Lydia Hansen

Description Tiger's Eye is a stone of protection that is also very stabilizing and grounding. It enhances integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality and correct use of power. It is a stone th

Description Carnelian aids in understanding the inner self and strengthens concentration. It helps one to overcome the fear of public speaking, increases the self-worth, and is a fast acting stone to

What is the meaning and chakra healing properties of tigers eye? - Find more crystal meanings on the site.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Tigers Eye- clarity and personal power, prosperity crystal, good luck, grounding, protective


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Red Jasper

A Red Jasper Stone is a powerful protection and stability gemstone. Red Jasper Stones inspire a positive attitude, increasing your motivation and energy level to help you take action in your life. It is one of the best root chakra stones.

Chart for identifying black crystals Chris mom

Forest Witch - The Moon in a Jar

The Moon in a Jar : Photo

Ars Aesthetica : Photo

Top left Witch for the pump house

Disappearing - You can try this, take this photography as inspiration.

multiple thin sticks, in between

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The woman on winter walk with a dog - The woman in blue coat walk with a dog