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Dan Olof Axelsson
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Hallstatt, Austria. #austrial #travel #tour #vacation #destination #location #holiday #beautiful #adventure #trip

Lake Village, Hallstatt, Austria by catrulz : I don't imagine there's much going on in this seemingly small town, but I'd venture to take a stroll in and around town. It's for the big city folk looking for a place to breathe, and take up some space.

Es Trenc ( Mallorca)

~ES TRENC~ this beach is totally wonderfull I spend my summers in this island: MALLORCA

Jerusalem, Israel

Possible site of Jesus Tomb - Garden Tomb East Jerusalem. This is what some protestant groups believe to be Jesus' tomb. This is believed to be where Joseph of Aramethea's Garden was located. It is run by the Anglican church. This is the real tomb