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Sven Eckerskog
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Stillsuit Sniper Concept Art by on @DeviantArt

A personal work for my concept art for games portfolio. An original sci-fi character with a slightly cyberpunk samurai feel. I like to make my paintings look less digital and more traditional with the use of custom brushes these days.

Veer-myn Malignus

Mantic Games is raising funds for Star Saga - The Sci-fi Dungeon Crawler on Kickstarter! Star Saga is the tactical, story-driven science fiction dungeon crawler for players.

A series of Steampunk posters to promote Teen Read Week commisioned by Upstart.

The cover of Marvel’s collected comic adaption of DUNE, 1984, by Bill Sienkiewicz.

Dune - Bill Sienkiewicz from Dune: the Official Comic Book paperback edition, published by Berkeley Books, 1984