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Lockheed Martin's new fusion reactor might change humanity forever

Lockheed Martin’s legendary Skunk Works says their compact fusion reactors will be operational in ten years. Compact fusion reactors are emissio…

Space shuttle Atlantis launches--the 42nd space shuttle flight on August 2, 1991. A remote camera at the 275 foot level of the fixed surface structure took this picture.

The Space Shuttle Atlantis lifted off on the space shuttle flight at a. EDT on August 1991 carrying a crew of five and TDRS-E. A remote camera at the level of the Fixed Surface Structure took this picture.



Really like the buttons

Braun ET 55 - Design Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs (and, of course, inspiration for the original iPhone calculator app).

arcade machine

Insight: The images show nautical equipment which will have been used by troops in battles across more than half of the last century

Losing focus

Losing focus

A dream.

Obviously we'll have our underwater photographer at the ready for these impromptu moments.