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Special Olympics New Zealand Television Commercial

Facts that show how bad the effects of bullying actually can be.

Bullying poster facts- this is a good example of why bullying is a problem. Look at how many students stay home each day from school because they are afraid of bullying. Bullying is a problem because it stops people from getting an education.

This shows that cyberbullying on social medias is just as bad as bullying someone in person.

This is a cyberbullying infographic which shows information and statistics about cyberbullying. I didn't know that cyberbullying was so popular and there should be ways to stop them because kids in schools are suffering from it.

This shows that no matter what gender you are you can still be bullied but you can also solve it no matter what gender you are since we are all equal.

This is feminism. We are not all 'man haters'. Feminism may start with 'Fem' but it's purpose is gender equality. Not only for one gender but for all of them. The sexism that hurts women, also hurts men.