Music: Bizarre, amazing things!

Absurd, lovable comps or mashups w/o boundaries. There is much to learn from here.
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UK Beatbox Champion Beardyman doing what he does best: combines his superb vocal skills with his offbeat comedy stylings to make a truly enjoyable lil video ;

【Princessemagic】 KokoroKokoroKokoro-chan iu na!

"Choking on the Rain" by TotalBiscuit & Jesse Cox (A "Terraria" remix)

Quite possibly the greatest YTPMV ever made.

Relaterad bild

Relaterad bild

Carnival Night Zone, Act 1 - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles Music Extended

Intro song from the popular anime Fujimora Pantsu & Me (aired 2001 in the US). Two best friends team up to fight evil together, embarking on an adventure thr.

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Amazing Things

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I thought these two songs sounded the same. His skills are unparalleled in the pho.

resolution, it is an exact replica of Undertale's logo. No anti-aliasing, no blur. 7680 x 4320 Undertale Wallpaper

So Riff Track had the amazing idea of making a remix of Thomas The Tank Engine.

Amazing Things

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