From the Gravity Collection, 2008. "This collection was based on lightness and weightlessness. I wanted to get this feel throughout the hair in the collection. It’s almost as this collection was shot under water. That’s the feel I wanted to achieve and I think by naming it Gravity it all makes sense in the end." ~ Angelo Seminara Photographer Andrew O’Toole, Make up: Denise Rabor

From the Gravity Collection, Angelo Seminara Photographer Andrew O’Toole, Make up: Denise Rabor

From 'Game', 2009. Almost tribal in character, Angelo’s inspiration for this collection is underpinned by the tactile textures of the natural world: snakes shedding their skin, light casting diffused shapes through diaphanous fronds and leaves; fish scales, bird feathers, wood grains, slate, rock and marble striations. Combined or singular, the images capture nature’s strength in an enchanting, evocative way.

super sleek even shaved half strikingly bright extravagant_hairstyl

From the 3D collection, 2007. “In the 3D Collection I wanted to create hairstyles where you could really see the 3 dimensional shapes and depths of the hair.” With these images, Angelo has crafted incredible textured looks that tantalize and tease the eye, proving that he is an artistic force who pushes the boundaries of inspiration. The result is a collection that evokes the stunning look and feel of fine fabric designs, bamboo and delicate flowers.

Hair Cuts Styles For Women ~ great play on color to showcase cut

#TBT, from Angelo's 'Mixte'. #Davines

Photo of 2012 rainbow dyed hair hairstyle Photo: Angelo Seminara

Wonderland 2011. Inspired by nature’s exotic shapes and vibrant colours, Wonderland is a breathtaking collection of images from one of the world’s most ground breaking hair artists. In a fusion of avant-garde techniques, Angelo Seminara unites the natural world with modernist design and futuristic vision, where innovative colour and intricate structure inspires wearable hairdressing.

We think we finally figured out how he did this! Hair Angelo Seminara, photography Andrew OToole, makeup Laura Dominique, styling Georgie MacIntyre by dipietrotodd

From "Ten Portraits", 2010. This collection of themed portraits, based on iconic personalities, mixes elements from several styles to achieve a unique texture. Techniques including unlocked dreadlocks, pleating, looping and hair piercing have been revisited and reworked to create another dimension. Hair: Angelo Seminara Make-up: Imogen Snell, Styling: Imogen Snell, Photographer: Andrew O’Toole

A long blonde straight wavy coloured Perfect girl classic OFFICE hairstyle by Angelo Seminara