Archie, Revolutions, Amy

Yep, now Tibleam in adventure from Sonic and the black knight XD Lol, i hope you like it and sorry with my grammar Tibleam the knight

Tibleam and Magnanimus (the bodyguard) taking a walk ^^ I hope u like it A little break

The logo on her head is a tribute to Slenderman , wow, i can feel the shade moving, hehehe I hope u like it Art and Tibleam the kimera belong to me Happy day of dead

First the logo was changed ^^ i did logo and some changes with her outfit of combat (A full closet of clothes XD) I hope you like it Tibleam with some changes

Shadow the Hedgehog Sony Playstation 2 Game

Happy new year! 2013 Tibleam wants to hugs for everybody ^^ i hope u like the pic ^^ Happy new year 2013

flavor: Strawberry Yogurt i hope u like it Art and character (Tibleam the kimera) belong to me Done in Gimp ^^ Tibleam and her popsicle

Tibleam this is an awesome fan character (I did not make this)

The Kaiser of roses by nancher