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Wurlitzer JukeBox ideally to take centre stage in my "dance room". well this would be my dream home!


Every song has a CODA, a final movement. Whether it fades out or crashes away. Every song ends. Is that any reason not to enjoy the music? The truth is, there is nothing to be afraid of. It's just life - One Tree Hill

Cassette Tape Art

20BARRA9 Branding by Isabela Rodrigues

Cassette Tape Art

American artist Erika Iris Simmons uses old cassette and video tapes to create incredible celebrity portraits.

Robin Rhode, Wheel of steel (2006)

Robin Rhode - Wheel of Steel, 2006 9 digital pigment prints mounted on four-ply museum board

Cassette Tape Hendrix

Artist- Erika Iris Simmons & Her Amazing Cassette Tape Portraits