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John Byrne

A couple of John Byrne Commissions featuring Doctor Doom, Catwoman, and Batman.

I love Ian and Paul so much. Would love to meet them one day...

The Vampire Diaries - the Salvatore brothers! Stefan and Damon - Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder.

Batman and Poison Ivy by Matt Rhodes

Disney Characters, Batman, the Cast of ‘ReBoot’ and More Serious in the Art of Matt Rhodes

How to Make Sewing Patterns

Design your own clothes by making sewing patterns, but pay attention to the details.

Goku Doesn't Believe in YOLO.

Not so much learned from, more like loved them like friends. and Kora. and the kingdom hearts kid. and link. I am very selective with my fandoms.

Bamboo can be a beautiful landscaping component, as long as it's kept contained. It is one of the most aggressivly invasive plants. These planter boxes work almost anywhere!

Great way to plant bamboo. Bamboo tends to be intrusive and hard to remove once it takes hold. It spreads fast if not contained. Great way to plant bamboo.