I guess I'll put this in decor. Whatever it counts as, I love it.

Urban Planning Exhibition Hall in Huainan City in An Hui Province,China. Built in grand piano base of the building houses two concert halls and used by music students from a local college.

Amazing. Via @katd

Maximo Riera Wants You to Sit on an Elephant, or an Octopus, or an . The Animal Chair Collection by Maximo Riera really caught my attention. Would love to have them all. "The Animal Chair .

Aiveen Daly: Couture Upholstery

Moneypenny Chair by Aiveen Daly. I love everything about this - the tweed fabric, the style, the name .

Pine and Chestnut chair by Lee Jae-Hyo. Need Target partnership, stat.

I want this chair! Reminds me of a wooden bean bag chair. Pine and Chestnut Chair by Lee Jae-Hyo. A biomorphic chair made of sculpted wood logs. mocoloco via DesignDaysDubai.

Hexagons made of wood wool cement board. By Form Us With Love Design Studio

Träullit Hexagon Panels by Form Us With Love. Swedish design studio Form Us With Love have created the Träullit hexagon sound absorbing panels from wood slivers, cement and water.

Bookshelf wallpaper by Young & Battaglia

I just love, love, love, this beautiful Bookshelf wallpaper designed by Young & Battaglia. The Bookshelf wallpaper has a vintage library look with shelves of old books. If Aaron had his own office.

Anatomically Correct Chairs

Anatomically Correct Chairs These chairs combine Victorian furniture design with human skeletons, designed by Sam Edkins, called "Anatomically Correct" seats. For price, they are not cheap, each chair costs

Twister Restaurant. I would visit Kiev just to eat while sitting in one of those chairs.

Interiors 264 Twister Restaurant, Kiev by design team - Sergey Makhno and Vasily Butenko also of Kiev (on Cool and the Bang)

Shower curtain featuring a Dave Eggers monologue.

Issue 16 is by American writer Dave Eggers. Published on a shower curtain with the idea that one would read it while showering.This issue is a monologue told to Dave Eggers by his shower curtain. And I want!

Love. Door Handle By Nikita Kovalev

Open the door with a bang. These door knobs, or probably more accurately door handles, are called Bang Bang and are designed by Russian design firm Napalm.


One-of-a-kind vintage porcelain dishes covered in hordes of hand-painted ants by German artist Evelyn Bracklow of La Philie.